MOO® is a national brand, joining together sweet shops, pastry shops, gelaterias and cafés, a total of 20 locations in Bucharest, Bacău, Constanţa and Iaşi.


We started our activity in 2005, aiming at bringing quality in the cups and glasses of customers that really know what they are looking for. This recipe worked out and over the years to come the other locations in the country were to be set up, one after the other.




As we wished to vary and improve the range of gastronomic delights and with a passion for chosen and sincere tastes, we chose to produce all the products offered for sale in our own restaurants. Our range of products may be classified into 3 categories:






We looked for, tried and carefully selected from hundreds of Italian and French recipes for pastry shops and sweet shops. And we respect them as such, in our own laboratories, always using super-premium quality, fresh ingredients, most of them imported ones. This is also the place for you to take delight in the famous macaroons or you may customise as you wish the cake you have always dreamt of.





In our locations you shall find the best Italian artisanal ice-cream, with a unique taste that is exclusively given by the premium raw matter used: milk, sour cream, dark chocolate with cocoa mass 85%, Sicilian pistachio fruits, fresh fruits, and the small quantity it is produced guarantees the permanent freshness of Moo ice-cream.






You shall find carefully selected coffee, that you may enjoy in our location, or you may take it to go, at a special price from our Buy&Go area. Frappes, real chocolate waves, rare teas, shakes, refined cocktails...there would be many things to say but even more things to taste!



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