We produce the most tasteful Italian artisanal ice-cream!

Gelato means intense taste, creamy structure and freshness.

strictly observing Italian recipes dating back hundreds of years ago.

Gelato means creamy ice-cream produced by us

in small quantities every morning.






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1. The unique taste

of Moo ice-cream is exclusively given by premium raw matter used:

3,5% fat milk, 35% fat sour cream, dark chocolate with 85% cocoa mass,

Sicilian pistachio fruits, Bourbon Vanilla planifolia from Reunion and Madagascar,

wild hazelnuts brought from Piedmont Italy, fresh fruits, etc.


2. Creamy, fine texture

obtained further to the strict observance of authentic Italian artisanal recipes


3. Warm and natural colours

given by the selected ingredients, in contrast with the other ordinary ice-creams

that have bright, synthetic colours, resulting further to the use of chemical dyes


4. Dense structure

due to the low air percentage of Moo ice-cream, of about 20%,

compared to the ordinary ice-cream containing more than 50% air in the same volume


5. Low amount of natural fats

of about 0-8% depending on the chosen type,

compared to 15-18% vegetal fats that has an ordinary ice-cream


6. High calcium contents

given by the fresh milk and fat sour cream from Moo ice-cream;

calcium is a mineral essential to the bony metabolism and its daily use is highly recommended


7. It may be considered to be an aliment

as it can provide the consumer in a natural way with an optimal caloric and energetic balance

due to its premium and fresh raw matter


8. The small amount in which it is produced

is a guarantee for the permanent freshness of Moo ice-cream. The natural ingredients that are used and lack of preservatives oblige us to produce each type of ice-cream on a daily basis. This does not happen in the case of ordinary ice-cream, as its main ingredients are water, powder milk, flavour, colour potentiators

and preservatives, which allows for the extension of the validity period for a very long term


9. The lack of water crystals

due to a little higher level of sugar perfectly balanced with the remaining premium ingredients,

acting as a anti-freezing agent; this allows the serving of Moo ice-cream at a higher temperature, fore therefore removing the cold effect felt in the mouth, as it happens in the case of ordinary ice-cream


10. Elaborate technological process

• pasteurization: is a method used for preserving the main ingredients of Moo ice-cream:

milk and sour cream. This procedure consists of their warming at a temperature a little below +100°C, followed

by a sudden cooling up to +4°C in order to destroy pathogen flora, therefore preventing spoilage and

keeping the properties of the ingredients intact

• ripening: the continuous homogenisation at the temperature of +4°C for minimum 24 ore of the pasteurized mixture

• manufacture: the process of turning the ripened mixture into the final product: the delicious Moo Gelato ice-cream!

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