Too far away from the city,

in a morning without salt and pepper, the dew was getting bored on the hairs of grass.

A herd of moose not in the mod for anything would silently graze in an uncoloured glade


Moo was the only happy and curious moose.

He was looking for something completely different. He had had enough with the daily taste of leaves and grass and his dream was to challenge his taste buds to try delights that were completely unusual for a moose.

He was dreaming about rivers of fresh milk, beds of honeycombs, toys made of marzipan,

fossy croissants and creamy ice-cream made of real sour cream and extremely good.


So he started looking for the perfect taste

and he was not to stop before he gathered the most delicious sweets brought from very far away.

On his road he immediately made new friends.

He was to find out that he was not the only one bored with the tasteless life.

And then he realised that his mission was to bring back flavour, taste and colour in all the menus in the area.

The one that is lucky enough to taste his wonderful delights becomes his lifetime friend.


Moo brought together magical cakes, steamy flans,

cakes that simply melt into the mouth and the most real coffee in the whole area.

Divine essences and tastes, various and carefully studied flavours,

all of them created with a lot of passion and care for lecherous people.



Moo still freely tramps in a continuous search for everything that is tasteful and fresh.

One may have a glimpse of him sometimes, in clear mornings,

having a cup of coffee with milk foam and a great spinach cake.






Moo loves you, too!



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